Dr Subhankar Biswas has joined the mineAlloy Training Center as an Associate Research Fellow, working with Prof Matthew Barnett. In his new role, Subhankar will undertake research in the area of metallurgy; more specifically, he will produce, analyze and interpret data about the wear of metal components used in the mining sector. He will also develop new wear testing equipment, and develop sensing techniques to monitor wear.

Subhankar received his PhD degree at The University of Newcastle, Australia, in February 2016, and has over ten years of multi-disciplinary research experience in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Deakin University, he worked as a Research Assistant in the School of Engineering at The University of Newcastle, where he conducted industry-based research on wear of materials. Previously, Subhankar worked as a Consulting Engineer for TUNRA Bulk Solids Australia, on several projects including: impact wear and abrasion testing of commercial wear liners, air-stream erosion and slurry erosion of metals, alloys and rubber liners.